Admin Setup & Configuration

This collection of articles guides you through how to setup E-Market Admin Panel.

Setup E-commerce

You can easily change your E-commerce name, email, phone, address, logo, Opening Time, Closing Time,Currency and Delivery Charge.

  • From admin panel go to settings >E-commerce Setup
  • Then click on the Submit Button and update the information


Location Setup

  • Set up your main branch location


Branch setup

If you have more than one branch add your branch as a sub branch of your main branch as follows

  • Provide a latitude and longitude of your sub branch
  • Give a coverage area of the sub branch


SMTP configuration

To configure the SMTP system follow the steps below.

  • Create an email from your server panel


  • After creating an email account, go to admin Dashboard ->web Config -> Mail Config

    • MAIL FROM NAME: Your company name
    • MAIL HOST: Your mail host
    • MAIL PORT: Your mail port
    • MAIL USERNAME: Your mail username
    • MAIL PASSWORD: Your mail password
    • MAIL id: Your mail id


  • Click on Save.

Payment Method

Just set the payment method for your business. Here available is ‘SSLCOMMERZ’, ‘Paypal’, ‘Stripe’ ,Razor Pay. You can use every payment method.

  1. Switch on by clicking the switchery of the methods which you want to activate.
  2. Insert necessary Information of the methods.

    • Paypal – Insert the paypal client ID, Client secret and switched off the sandbox mode(which for demo transactions). Then click on save.
    • Stripe – Insert the stripe key, stripe secret which you will get from your stripe account and switch off the sandbox mode(which for demo transactions).Then click on save.
    • SSlCommerz – Insert the SSLCZ store ID, SSLCZ store password and switch off the sandbox mode. Then click on save.
    • Razor Pay – Insert the Razor key and razor secret key and switch off the sandbox mode (which for demo transaction). Then click on save.


Admin Profile

To Update the Admin Profile follow the steps below.

  • Go to admin Dashboard ->navbar -> Settings

    You can easily change your name, email, phone, address, image, and password also


  • Click on Save.