Common Errors

1 Flutter SDK not available

Download the SDK and provide the SDK path in your projects. There are different sources for flutter SDK.

  • You can clone it from Github Repository
  • Download zip for windows from official website
  • Download Zip for mac from official website
  • You can download any version from here


Dependency Error

Generally, dependency error occurs when

  • One of your third-party package versions is not supported.
  • Your flutter SDK version not matched with one of your third-party packages, for example your current flutter version is 1.19.0 and the third-party package target flutter SDK version 1.16.0


  • Look for the latest version of the package.
  • Or Upgrade your flutter version if you don’t have the latest flutter version with flutter upgrade command.

iPhone OS Version Out of Range

  • Flutter does not support iOS versions lower then to 7.0


  • You want to change the target version then in the project Editor. select your app target and go to the General tab.
  • Under the Deployment Info change the target version whatever your versions want to your support.
  • after changing the target version removing the pod folder and podlock.file and reinstall the pod and clean your project and then run your project.