Manage Website

Manage Website

This collection of articles guides you through how to manage your website, products, orders & other components

Upload Products

There are several steps to upload a product. Follow the instructions below : Products are the core of any online shopping cart and in SixValley has no difference. This section reviews the various options associated with managing products in your Sixvalley shopping cart.

  • Click on ‘’products’’ from the admin side.

  • Then “add new Products” button.

  • Product information – Need to fulfill the required field with proper data one by one.

  • General

    1. Insert a product name.
    2. Select a category from the dropdown list
    3. Select a sub category.
    4. Select a sub sub category.
    5. Select a brand.
    6. Insert the product unit like pc, kg, ltr etc.
    7. You can select multiple colors.
    8. Choose the attributes of this product and then input values of each attribute
    9. Insert base price of the product.
    10. Insert the purchase price of the product.
    11. Add product tax. Select “Flat” or “Percent” from the right option and insert the value in the left box.
    12. Discount – Add product discount(if available). Select “Flat” or “Percent” from the right option and insert the value in the left box.
    13. Variant wise price – If the options are added at the “customer choice” tab then this section will appear. Input the variant wise price.
  • Insert the product’s Minimum quantity

  • Images

    1. Insert product Main images
    2. Insert product Thumbnail images

There are several steps to upload a product. Follow the instructions below


First add the brand of those products which you want to sell.



You can add product with different category, sub category or sub sub category. We provide you this kind of options.



Before add product, you need to add attribute for your product. Because this attribute helps you to count your product. Here is the screen shots.

image This one is for attribute

image This one is for product

image This one is for add product form

Click to save.

Create Flash Deal

To create a flash deal admin will have to follow the steps,

  1. Go to Marketing from admin panel sidebar.Then Click on AllDeals
  2. Then Click flash deal
  3. Insert Title ,starting date, ending date,Banner Image.
  4. After creating the Flash Deal, click the Add Product button and add the product you want.
  5. Then click save button
  6. Then publish the flash deal.
  7. Admin can edit/delete the existing deal or can publish/unpublish the deal anytime from the list.



  1. Type the coupon code
  2. Type the title for coupon
  3. Fill the Start date and End date
  4. Enter the “Discount” and Select “Discount Type”
  5. Then Click on Save.

Add coupon for discount on product.


Order Manage

  • In order list page admin will get the information of order code, the number of products, customer name, amount, delivery status, payment method & payment status.
  • From “view icon” button admin will get the options like view, invoice download,
  • From the “view” option admin can see details of the order and can change the status of payment & delivery.



Employee Handler

Here you can manage your employee roles easily



Add employee with different roles.



Hear you can manage Notification esily.

  • Click on ‘’Send Notification’’ from the admin sidebar.
  • Insert Title ,Description, Image.
  • Then Click on Save.
  • Admin can edit/delete the existing notification or can publish/unpublish the notification anytime from the list.


Customer Message

Here you can see Customer Message. Admin can delete also the Customer messages


Support Ticket

admin login to the admin panel and reply to the support tickets.